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Logo concept from Simo Sorce

The IA-64 Linux Project, formerly known as the Trillian Project, was started in May 1999 with the goal of creating a Linux port for Custom Essay Writing Service that would be available to the Open Source community at or before the Itanium(tm) processor launch. The IA-64 Linux Project includes representatives from: Caldera Systems, CERN, Debian, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Linuxcare, NEC, Red Hat, SGI, SuSE, TurboLinux, and VA Linux Systems. Please visit this site for updates on IA-64 Linux.

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The IA-64 Linux Kernel

Download the latest source code at

Checkout the IA-64 Linux To-Do List and the IA-64 GCC performance improvement projects.

IA-64 Linux Distributions

  • Caldera Systems (initial release 8/4/00) Download at
  • Debian (initial release 8/10/01) Download at
  • Red Hat (initial release 5/17/00) Download at
  • SuSE (initial release 6/13/00) Download at
  • TurboLinux (initial release 3/13/00) Download at

    IA-64 Linux Developer Resources

  • HP/Intel: IA-64 Linux Simulator (initial release 6/13/00) Download at
  • Red Hat: GNU Toolchain (initial release 2/16/00) Download at

  • Caldera: Itanium NetFarm available at
  • Red Hat: IA-64 Netfarm (initial release 7/17/00) Visit
  • SuSE: Free access to compilefarm for Intel Itanium (initial release 08/23/00) Visit

    Other Useful Links

  • Minutes of the GCC IA-64 Summit held on June 6, 2001 (posted 6/25/01 - text).
  • IA-64 Linux Kernel Internals presentation from Feb 2000 IDF and Stanford University Seminar (posted 3/7/00 - PDF format)
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Updated 2/2/00 - PDF format)
  • Trillian Press Conference Presentation (2/2/00 - PDF format)
  • View the IA-64 Tutorial (803K, PDF format) from Sverre Jarp of CERN.
  • IA-64 Linux logo competition and entries